To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him.
— Rita Springer, Founder & Director Dive Creative

Rita has been playing the piano since she was 11 years old.   She began lessons not with a desire to write songs or lead worship but because she was jealous of an older sister who was taking lessons and she wanted them as well. Music had always caused a stirring in Rita, as did poetry and drama.  It was in those early years that she realized the keys of a piano were like a secret island she could escape to and later she would dream of them as the literal shoulder of God.  Rita learned the value of true worship on those piano keys.  The hidden melodies begin to reveal themselves to her as life and its balancing act progressed. She started writing songs soon after her father’s death and came to find a deep respect for the art of linking lyric and rhythm together.  

In the late 1980’s Rita started attending a Vineyard Church and was forever changed by the sound of personal worship.  The rise of new choruses of worship songs grabbed her attention.  She would soon become a writer with Vineyard Music Group when they published her song Make Us A Prayer, on one of their Touching the Father’s Heart, series. These early days were powerful and engaging as the simplicity of 3-and 4 chord songs began to take the church to a whole new level in intimate and accessible worship.  Rita felt called to learn the art of leadership and to carry with her the same purity in crowds singing and leading as she had found with the Lord as a child learning and growing.  

Through the last few decades, Rita has carried a powerful mantle and anointing to create atmospheres of worship through her songs and various recordings and has remained extremely influential in the Church.  Rita has recorded numerous albums, from her first projects Love Covers, Created To Worship, All I Have, and I Have To Believe to her later projects, including Worth It All, Beautiful You, Be Quiet, In This Forever, and The Playlist.  With her songs like the gut wrenching Worth It All to the simplistic cry of All I Need, Rita is able to draw listeners into a place of intimate worship with God.

In 2008 she began a worship school called DIVE - Deep-Innovative-Vertical-Expression.  The school trains and encourages upcoming worship leaders all over the world with weeklong intensive one-on-one courses.  Rita experienced a newfound love of mentoring and sees it as a valued gift to the whole of worship and what it is truly about.  In 2015, Rita will be relaunching DIVE Worship as the DIVE Creative to further encourage and grow the creative arts within not only worship leaders but also songwriters, dancers, photographers, and painters through weeklong intensives and creative specific weekend retreats.  

Rita and her son Justice reside in Dallas, TX where Rita is a worship pastor at Gateway Church, and she continues to travel and lead worship all across the world.  Rita’s anthem and her deepest desire is to make Christ famous through the art, act and physical sound of our worship and to see this arise in the body of Christ. “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him”.


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