Kristi Northup | DIVE

I wanted to write to say thanks once again for everything that happened during DIVE.  There are a few things that really set you apart from other “artists” out there, and demonstrate the purity of your motives and genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives. DIVE was really transforming for me.  It was amazing to see not only what God did in my life, but how he used each of us in each other’s lives to bring healing, restoration and freedom.  Being with a small group of people made for a totally different experience than a conference-like setting where you sit and learn.  This was hands-on:  Songwriting, group projects, vocal development.  Spiritually it was as well - worship, intercession, words of knowledge, God using us in crazy ways in harmony with His word and each other.  It was different than I expected in every way, but tailor-made for me.

Jennifer Frank | DIVE

My heart is so encouraged. I don't know what I thought I was gonna learn or come away with from DIVE but one thing I do know is that this week has been more impacting than I could have imagined. Thank you for seeking first the KINGDOM of God. It's so apparent and refreshing. You are the real deal Rita!  I'm so thankful.


Faith Wilson | DIVE

So, DIVE really rocked my world!  I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting except that I was praying that God would define some things in my heart regarding what I felt called to do.  He did that and SO much more!  I know He has called me to sing songs of healing over people....I know He is giving me songs that only I can sing.....I am walking in freedom and want to share this freedom with others....I want them to know their identity in loved they are!

Marlene | DIVE

 I just wanted to write and tell you how much being at DIVE meant to me.  Really good things have been happening in my life in the last 6 months and I feel like the school was a catalyst for me to receive some major healing and a re-birthing of the dreams in my heart. I feel like my spirit was awakened from its deep, numbing slumber.

Christy Beasley | DIVE April 2012

My name is Christy Beasley, and I live in Gainesville, GA!  I'm a songwriter, worship leader, and artist.  I attended DIVE School of Worship in April of 2012, and it was extremely impacting, motivating, inspiring, confidence building, and way more heart altering than I ever would have imagined.  God placed me at DIVE during a time in my life that encouragement and healing was urgently needed, and I didn't even realize the depth of that need and what God Himself was about to pull out of me.  I had just been through a heart-wrenching situation at a church I'd served at for 9 years of my life and was drained of so much, but also busting at the seems with songs on my heart and art in my hands and with no direction for them.  Things started peeling away in my heart the moment I pulled in the driveway at DIVE, as the inspiring nature of the school is poured out all over the place!  I remember standing in the living room just thanking God so much, so caring for me and loving me so much that He would immediately make me feel at home in such an artful and creative environment.  I was impacted forever on the first night when Rita sat us down one-on-one and shared things that God has placed on her heart...just for me!  She listened with a deep heart and sincerity, and spoke words of authority and life and healing of situations in my childhood that I thought no one would know or understand.  I felt the love of God wrap me up and say, "I've got you, and everything is ok."  I've been used to the spotlight as a singer for a long time.  And I had been selling my art for many years.  But I lacked the confidence and belief that my voice longed to be heard and that my art had a place to encourage the world.  God gave me a song that I started writing at DIVE and completed a few weeks later titled "So Free"(also on iTunes)...and that’s exactly what happened to me!  And the lyric that I think sums up my DIVE experience is this, "you are a little bird, with a big, big sound - it may be soft and sweet, but what I say is loud, child, don't keep me quiet, I made you FREE!".  

Thank you Rita for your selfless desire to push others into their destiny and for drawing the sound and confidence out of this "little bird"!  I am forever grateful and thankful with a heart full of love!  So what are you waiting for?!  Get to DIVE!  There will be no looking back:)

Corinna Delgado | DIVE February 2014

Hi all, my name is Corinna Delgado and I attended DIVE in February of 2014 and it truly changed my life as a worshipper, as a believer, and even as young woman. DIVE really gave me the tools and abilities to fully worship in total abandon and from day one I knew that it would be a life changing experience!

I remember walking into that week feeling so unworthy and like I wasn't good enough to be there and from the moment I met each lady and met Rita I felt so at home, I was the youngest in my DIVE school and so it was such a blessing to be surrounded by these women who just poured so much life and wisdom into me. The day of fasting and prayer really rocked my world, I walked away from that day feeling like a new person, through the ministry I was reminded that I was put here for  reason and that God has a purpose for my life. I wasn't always one to believe in myself and through that I never thought I could really hear from the Lord and after all the encouragement and ministry I felt like I now hear God in a way that I've never heard him before. God took some of my darkest moments that week and turned them into something beautiful, for a time I had a negative look on my life and after DIVE I began to look at myself and my journey in a positive way.

Since being back from DIVE, my worship has been taken to another level, as a worship leader I've been able to bring back and share some of the things I learned about prophetic worship, song writing, and just learning to let your worship reflect who the Father is in us and watch it speak and shine through the people I worship alongside with!  I walked away from DIVE a totally different person, my passion and desire to worship has increased and since DIVE, I daily walk in a new confidence and boldness that I received at DIVE.

I really just want to encourage everyone to check out everything that DIVE is and if you feel like God has placed on your heart to be a part of a DIVE school then take that first step and send an application and watch how God will work on your behalf and change your life!