Corinna Delgado | DIVE February 2014

Hi all, my name is Corinna Delgado and I attended DIVE in February of 2014 and it truly changed my life as a worshipper, as a believer, and even as young woman. DIVE really gave me the tools and abilities to fully worship in total abandon and from day one I knew that it would be a life changing experience!

I remember walking into that week feeling so unworthy and like I wasn't good enough to be there and from the moment I met each lady and met Rita I felt so at home, I was the youngest in my DIVE school and so it was such a blessing to be surrounded by these women who just poured so much life and wisdom into me. The day of fasting and prayer really rocked my world, I walked away from that day feeling like a new person, through the ministry I was reminded that I was put here for  reason and that God has a purpose for my life. I wasn't always one to believe in myself and through that I never thought I could really hear from the Lord and after all the encouragement and ministry I felt like I now hear God in a way that I've never heard him before. God took some of my darkest moments that week and turned them into something beautiful, for a time I had a negative look on my life and after DIVE I began to look at myself and my journey in a positive way.

Since being back from DIVE, my worship has been taken to another level, as a worship leader I've been able to bring back and share some of the things I learned about prophetic worship, song writing, and just learning to let your worship reflect who the Father is in us and watch it speak and shine through the people I worship alongside with!  I walked away from DIVE a totally different person, my passion and desire to worship has increased and since DIVE, I daily walk in a new confidence and boldness that I received at DIVE.

I really just want to encourage everyone to check out everything that DIVE is and if you feel like God has placed on your heart to be a part of a DIVE school then take that first step and send an application and watch how God will work on your behalf and change your life!