Christy Beasley | DIVE April 2012

My name is Christy Beasley, and I live in Gainesville, GA!  I'm a songwriter, worship leader, and artist.  I attended DIVE School of Worship in April of 2012, and it was extremely impacting, motivating, inspiring, confidence building, and way more heart altering than I ever would have imagined.  God placed me at DIVE during a time in my life that encouragement and healing was urgently needed, and I didn't even realize the depth of that need and what God Himself was about to pull out of me.  I had just been through a heart-wrenching situation at a church I'd served at for 9 years of my life and was drained of so much, but also busting at the seems with songs on my heart and art in my hands and with no direction for them.  Things started peeling away in my heart the moment I pulled in the driveway at DIVE, as the inspiring nature of the school is poured out all over the place!  I remember standing in the living room just thanking God so much, so caring for me and loving me so much that He would immediately make me feel at home in such an artful and creative environment.  I was impacted forever on the first night when Rita sat us down one-on-one and shared things that God has placed on her heart...just for me!  She listened with a deep heart and sincerity, and spoke words of authority and life and healing of situations in my childhood that I thought no one would know or understand.  I felt the love of God wrap me up and say, "I've got you, and everything is ok."  I've been used to the spotlight as a singer for a long time.  And I had been selling my art for many years.  But I lacked the confidence and belief that my voice longed to be heard and that my art had a place to encourage the world.  God gave me a song that I started writing at DIVE and completed a few weeks later titled "So Free"(also on iTunes)...and that’s exactly what happened to me!  And the lyric that I think sums up my DIVE experience is this, "you are a little bird, with a big, big sound - it may be soft and sweet, but what I say is loud, child, don't keep me quiet, I made you FREE!".  

Thank you Rita for your selfless desire to push others into their destiny and for drawing the sound and confidence out of this "little bird"!  I am forever grateful and thankful with a heart full of love!  So what are you waiting for?!  Get to DIVE!  There will be no looking back:)