Kristi Northup | DIVE

I wanted to write to say thanks once again for everything that happened during DIVE.  There are a few things that really set you apart from other “artists” out there, and demonstrate the purity of your motives and genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives. DIVE was really transforming for me.  It was amazing to see not only what God did in my life, but how he used each of us in each other’s lives to bring healing, restoration and freedom.  Being with a small group of people made for a totally different experience than a conference-like setting where you sit and learn.  This was hands-on:  Songwriting, group projects, vocal development.  Spiritually it was as well - worship, intercession, words of knowledge, God using us in crazy ways in harmony with His word and each other.  It was different than I expected in every way, but tailor-made for me.